Can I make a reservation? Do I need one?

We do have a limited number of reservation sites with hookups. Reservation requests can be made through our website at:

The majority of our campground operates on a first-come, first-served basis. We guarantee that a spot will be available for you when you arrive or your site at the next race is on us. We have such a large amount of space (over 100 acres) that we rarely ever fill up completely; and when we have in the past, it has been on the last day of the event when car parking was at its peak.

Can I save a spot for my friend coming later in the week?

No, in an effort to be fair to everyone, Earhart Campground operates on a first-come, first-served basis; all campers must be set up on site as they arrive.

Do the camping prices include the entire week?

Yes, whether you arrive on the first day or the last, the fees are the same, so come stay a while with us.

Are there shuttles to the speedway?

Fortunately we do not need shuttles. All of Earhart Campground is easily within walking distance from the speedway.

Can I have a campfire?

Unfortunately, in order to ensure the safety of everyone in and around the campground, all fires have been banned. Campsites are in such close proximity that fires are simply not safe in case of an outbreak. However, charcoal grills are always welcome for cooking purposes.

Is there a quiet time for generators?

We do not have a quiet time for generators, but we do ask that you be courteous to your neighbors. Quiet hours in the campground are from midnight to 6:00 a.m. and we retain the right to have excessively loud generators shut off during this period.

We heard you were having a concert. Who is performing and how much does it cost?

Miller Lite Rockin' & Racin' brings you FREE Concerts Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Check the calendar for the schedule.

Can I set up a tailgate area in the parking lot?

Yes, additional tailgating sites may be purchased adjacent to your parking site. However, they may not be set up in aisleways in case of emergency.

Do you take credit cards?

We don't accept credit cards except for our reservable sites that are paid for in advance through our office. The week of the race we operate on a cash only basis.